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Atelier 416 is an online industrial and vintage flea market that curates a collection of rare and distinctive items, including industrial furniture and components from planes, trains, and boats. Whether you’re a collector, searching for a trendy new decoration, or simply nostalgic for vintage pieces, explore Atelier 416’s online platform to hunt down the object of your desires!
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Brocante vintage et déco

Vintage and industrial flea market

Our industrial flea market offers unique objects that have a story to tell. You can find what you are looking for on the online flea market or browse in our showroom located at 20 Chemin des Essarts in Coignières.

This 400m2 space dedicated to vintage furniture gathers hundreds of authentic old and industrial pieces: barber's chair, airplane turbine, train seat, boat parts, lights and suspensions, and even American gas pumps, there is something for everyone at Atelier 416!

Atelier 416 is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and by appointment. But you can also hunt on the site, many objects are waiting for your offer!

Brocante vintage et déco

Vintage and industrial flea market online

Are you on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind piece? Look no further! Atelier 416 is your online destination for authentic vintage and industrial furniture, both restored and in their original state.

To hunt for bargains is also possible online!

Discover our items that are awaiting an offer.

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Atelier 416: What Does Our Industrial Flea Market Offer?

Atelier 416 was launched by two enthusiasts of interior decoration and authentic, iconic objects. Our online industrial flea market offers vintage and industrial furniture, pop art decor, and rare pieces sourced from land, air, and naval transport. We hunt for and sometimes restore these items before presenting them for sale.

All our products are authentic and carry a history, giving them a unique value and a special place in your interior decor. In our vintage and industrial flea market, you can explore a range of items, from classic industrial furniture to an ejection seat from a fighter jet, or a coffee table crafted from an airplane engine. We feature genuine industrial lamps, authentic Paris Metro signs, and much more than you could imagine.

In summary, Atelier 416’s industrial and vintage flea market helps you uniquely personalize your interior decor.
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