How to Succeed in Industrial Decor

réussir décoration industrielle

Imagine a spacious, well-appointed area, an old garage or an industrial building transformed into a living space. Can you picture it? Now, transpose all of that into your future home—an airy apartment with high ceilings, metal beams, and exposed radiators. You’re on the verge of realizing your loft dream. However, achieving industrial decor success isn’t just about having brick walls and large windows. Objects, furniture, and some details matter too.

It’s easy today to achieve industrial decor by giving your interior a loft-like look. Raw, unprocessed furniture has been trending for a few years now. Even in smaller spaces, it’s easy to incorporate a touch of loft with an industrial piece of furniture or lighting fixture.

Creating a New York loft-style brick wall is a breeze, and adding a vintage shelf or cabinet from well-known brands is equally straightforward. However, if you want an interior that doesn’t look like a magazine page, you’ll need to find some rare and more precious decorative objects.

At Atelier 416, we strive to find iconic and rare pieces, often one-of-a-kind, to enhance your industrial ambiance and add value to your interior. Remember that industrial decor was directly inspired by the industrial revolution of the 1950s to the 1970s. Some collectors understand this and prefer to own objects from that era rather than exact modern replicas of what could have existed. 

A vintage item, a real one, is like finding a rare gem with a history, something that has been used and will continue to live in your home. Industrial objects blend well with interiors that intelligently combine modernism and cozy comfort. It’s up to you to find the missing piece, the one that will catch everyone’s eye when you open your door to guests.

What are the most commonly used materials in industrial decor?

Concrete, metals, and various types of wood are the most commonly used materials in crafting industrial furniture. Leather is also used for seating, ideally with a weathered look and a metal frame.

Different industries created their own furniture with what they had in their warehouses, which is why you see such mixed and eclectic inspiration in many lofts. It’s also not uncommon to see exposed pipelines to capture that industrial essence. Beyond objects, you’re taking ownership of a place.

réussir décoration industrielle
Exposed brick walls, large windows, concrete floors, exposed staircases, and hanging lamps… the ingredients of loft inspiration.

Industrial loft decor, but not just any way.

The combination of different elements should be done without overcrowding your rooms. Minimalism is key to showcasing each decorative object. Therefore, consider leaving maximum space between your industrial furniture or objects to facilitate circulation and let them shine with their presence.

Opting for industrial decor means recreating a story with objects that have a history or remind us of periods from our modern civilization. It’s a delicate balance to maintain, relying on the choice of objects you select.

Some practical advice:

  1. Break It Down and Start Anew: A loft is all about spaciousness, so if you’re transforming your interior, consider opening up all your rooms, like opening the kitchen to the living room and tearing down unnecessary partitions. The more space you have, the better your industrial furniture will fit.
  2. Imagine Open Spaces: Open spaces are the best way to structure each room and place your furniture, sofas, desks, and, of course, decorative objects like a tall lamp, an airplane propeller on a wall, or an enamel sign from the Paris Metro.
  3. Warm Decor: It’s easy to create a cold atmosphere when you buy industrial furniture. Pay attention to the materials that make up your objects and furniture. Avoid an all-metal look in your rooms by introducing warmer materials like aged brown leather and wood. A thick rug can also warm up your concrete floor if you’ve chosen polished concrete. Wooden parquet is currently on-trend. The floor plays a crucial role because it will host most of your industrial decor.
  4. Raw, Raw, Raw! Walls and floors are likely the first elements that set the tone: bricks, parquet, or polished concrete; exposed beams, plumbing, and radiators painted black, like window frames that resemble industrial windows. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is enough; otherwise, you have many DIY alternatives today.
  5. Splash of Color: Colors are making a comeback in loft decor. Often blue or green, but also beautiful shades of gray that complement all-white or faded color interiors. Regarding metal, copper and brass are more generous and less somber than iron.
  6. Mix It Up: Contemporary industrial decor allows for a lot of creativity. There’s no harm in having a rustic home and loving industrial objects. Contrasting with pieces from the past is an excellent idea. In such cases, monochrome is a good compromise. An all-white interior with unique black pieces creates a boho-chic and cozy ambiance.

If you find this atmosphere too sterile, add some light wood and wicker objects. Opt for linen for fabrics. Remember that your interior must have a soul, preferably reflecting your own. Browse flea markets and our curated collections for inspiration.

décoration loft noir et blanc
Monochrome Loft Trend: Black and White for Minimalist and Streamlined Decoration.
Projecteur luminaire de marine collection
Industrial Lighting
suspension luminaire rétro
Atelier 416
  • Lighting Matters:

Don’t fall into the trap of smart lighting, or if you do, connect your beautiful industrial lamps to it. Your lighting should occupy essential places in your interior; lighting is a fundamental part of industrial loft decoration.

Choose large pendant lights for the kitchen and living room, and don’t forget a floor lamp next to your sofa for a cozier ambiance in the evenings. Conversely, aim for minimalism in the bedrooms with small lamps or bulbs. Be discreet.

Don’t block your windows unless you have an overly obstructive view. Natural light brings your interior to life: large bay windows, skylights, let the sun’s rays in, considering their direction to place your furniture and decorative objects accordingly.

  • Dress Up Your Walls

Don’t leave your bare walls undecorated. If they’re made of bricks, an old advertising poster or a movie poster can enhance them. If you prefer unique pieces, why not find an airplane propeller, a subway sign, or a magnificent wall clock? Let your creativity speak!

Inspiration for Your Industrial Loft Decoration

To conclude, here are some small items that could make a difference in your interior. Don’t hesitate to contact us to share your best finds and send us photos of your interior.

Ressort tgv pièce de collection
TGV Spring

TGV Spring

Restored and painted, it can serve as a decorative object or a coffee table base. An original and unique piece that will have a great impact in your industrial interior.

Garage rétro feu piéton
Pedestrian Signal Light

Pedestrian Signal Light

To place or fix on your wall, this chrome pedestrian signal light with dual blue and red lighting will create a timeless urban atmosphere in any room of your interior.

Pistolet pompe à essence poli miroir
Gas Station Nozzle

Gas Station Nozzle

This vintage item is rare and will undoubtedly become a highly sought-after collectible, especially if everyone switches to electric cars! This model from the USA is polished to a mirror finish.


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