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Pop Art et Pop Culture

Pop culture is a phenomenon that has gained significant momentum over the past few decades. This phenomenon encompasses all elements of popular culture such as movies, TV series, video games, comics, toys, action figures, and much more.

At Atelier 416, we dive into specific realms of pop culture: Mario, Star Wars, Playmobil, and Lego, manga characters, and of course, the DC Comics and Marvel universes. Discover our favorite pop culture items here.

Pop Art vs. Pop Culture: Small Differences

Pop art is an artistic movement that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s and gained worldwide popularity. This art form draws inspiration from popular culture and utilizes images and symbols from advertising, comics, and music to create original and colorful works. Pop art items are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Oeuvre astronomy par Aiiroh
Pop Art Astroboy
Tableau pop art aiiroh
Pop Art work inspired by manga pop culture

Lithographs and Screenprints

Lithographs are art pieces printed from lithographic stones. Pop art artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol created many lithographs in their careers. Lithographs by these artists are highly sought after and can fetch very high prices at auctions.

Pop Art Sculptures

Pop art sculptures are often crafted from ordinary materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Ego Oscar, known for his sculptures of Lego characters in medium or giant size, is a favorite among collectors.

At Atelier 416, you’ll also find giant sculptures from the DC Comics and Marvel universes, such as Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman.

Vintage, Z, and Cult Movie Posters

Original vintage movie posters, preferably those that were used to advertise a film’s release in a cinema’s lobby, such as old science fiction films or those featuring dark heroes like Batman, are highly popular among collectors and can be found at affordable prices at Atelier 416.

Les affiches vintage de cinéma dans leurs formes originales qui ont de préférence sservi pour annoncer la sortie d’un film dans le hall d’une salle de cinéma, tels que d’anciens films de science fiction ou avec des héros sombres comme Batman sont très populaires auprès des collectionneurs et peuvent être trouvées à des prix abordables à l’Atelier416.

Pop Art Toys

Pop art toys are often colorful and feature patterns and images from popular culture. Watches, toy guns, and other models from the Lego or Playmobil universes are among the most sought-after pop objects on the site.

Pistolet Lego en résine
Lego is a highly popular brand
Montre lego watch system
Highly sought-after Lego watch among geeks

Favorite Pop Culture Items

The Mario Universe

Mario is an iconic character in the world of video games. Created in 1981 by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario has become a symbol of popular culture. Fans of this universe collect a plethora of Mario-themed items, including:

  • Figurines: Mario figurines are very popular among fans. You can find figurines of all kinds, from small plastic Mario models to larger resin ones.
  • Video Games: Mario fans cannot overlook video games. Older collectors seek original games for Nintendo consoles, while younger ones turn to more recent versions on current consoles.
  • Clothing: Fans can discover a multitude of clothing items featuring Mario, from hats to printed T-shirts.
Statue de Super Mario
Mario, the quintessential pop art character
Figurine Super Mario en résine
Mario sculpture.

The Star Wars Universe

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and beloved realms of pop culture. Since the first film’s release in 1977, the franchise has seen immense success and has gathered a passionate fan community.

  • Lightsabers: Lightsabers are perhaps the most iconic objects in the Star Wars saga. Fans can find replicas of all kinds, from basic models to high-end ones with light and sound effects.
  • Figurines: Star Wars figurines are highly popular among fans. The most sought-after are vintage figurines from the ’70s and ’80s, but more recent models are also available.
  • Spaceships: Star Wars fans can find a wide variety of spaceships, from miniature models to life-sized ones.

At Atelier 416, you can discover a wide range of collector items from the Star Wars universe.

Figurine Jakks Dark Vador
Dark Vador
Sabre Laser dark vador
Star Wars lightsaber

The Goldorak Universe

Goldorak is a Japanese animated series that enjoyed immense success in France in the 1980s. Fans of this nostalgic universe collect numerous items featuring the giant robot, such as:

  • Figurines: Goldorak figurines are highly popular among fans. The most sought-after ones are vintage figurines from the ’80s, but more recent models are also available.
  • DVDs: Fans can find the complete series on DVD, as well as special editions with exclusive bonuses.
  • Toys: Goldorak toys are highly sought after by collectors. The most prized ones are vintage toys from the ’80s, but more recent models can also be found.
Pop Art et Pop Culture

In conclusion, pop culture offers a wealth of collectible items for all tastes. Whether you’re a fan of Mario, Star Wars, or Goldorak, you’re sure to find collectible items to enhance your collection at Atelier 416.


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