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Collection Pieces and Design Lighting. Embrace the French Touch

Long live the urban decor of Paris! The trend is strong for urban furniture and lighting. Whether you’re curious or a collector, opt for a timeless decorative touch.

At Atelier 416, we love Holophane spheres, art deco lampposts from the Grand Boulevards, the fabulous Bayard water fountains, and the enamel subway signs. Design and sophistication meet to reveal the beauty of Parisian heritage.

Steeped in history and eagerly sought after worldwide, these pieces have a unique look. It’s the French touch.

Exceptional Lighting


lamp vintage holophane

Prismatic glass from the Holophane sphere turned into a floor lamp.


 Grand Boulevards Chandelier

Sophisticated tempered glass from the Grand Boulevards by Holophane.

Art Déco

art deco Paris

The iconic reflector lamppost from Place Vendôme


lamp rétro design

Spotlight on Art Nouveau with a must-have of Parisian lighting

conic world of the Parisian metro

Metropolitan Collection

Dive into the iconic world of the Parisian metro and celebrate the underground history of the City of Light with exceptional enamel signs, signage, and countless collectible pieces from the stations of the famous RATP network.

Antique Urban Decor Items

Bayard Water Fountain

Antique Bayard fountain made in France in the 1950s. In perfect condition, this iconic water fountain comes with a rotating handle. Fully restored and complete, the Bayard fountain is still found in some parks and on the route in Lyon linked to the history of these fountains. Ideal dimensions, entirely made of cast iron, and in magnificent condition.

Hauteur: 100 cm
Largeur: 40 cm
Profondeur : 20 cm

Poids: 50 kg

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