Breaking Away from Decor Standards

Idées déco design pour le salon

Atelier 416: The Fusion of Industrial Vintage and Design

Elevating the charm of the past and vintage aesthetics in decor is not a novel concept. In this arena, designers and renowned figures in the design world do not hold a monopoly.

Furniture and lighting evolve over time, contributing to the revitalization of interior decoration in unexpected ways.

Atelier 416’s showroom brims with these now-indispensable objects, iconic pieces of the current French and international decor scene. Because breaking away from decor standards is simple. All it takes is a fresh perspective and a visit to Atelier 416.

Homophone Design Floor Lamp
The 1960 Foundry Glass

The Holophane Globe

Whether in the form of a lamp, pendant, or floor lamp, this former urban lighting fixture, with its sparkling prismatic glass, has become the darling of design-savvy decorators.

Design and Vintage Decor Ideas
Design Armchairs

Pierre Chapo’s S15 Model

Embodying the ’70s trend, these armchairs are crafted with leather and solid elm, assembled without nails or screws. Designed by the French designer Pierre Chapo.

Helicopter Decor Blade on Stand
Helicopter Blade
Aerodynamic Decor

Helicopter Blade

Sleek and refined, this restored helicopter blade is nestled atop a discreet stand. A decor choice that magnifies strength and material for enthusiasts of minimalism and simplicity.

Vintage Design – A Featured Piece

Old Baby foot vintage

Swinnen Foosball Table circa 1920, a true collector’s item. Complete and in excellent condition, manufactured in Louviers, Eure, in very limited quantities. Regarded as a manufacturing success with an unmistakable look, entirely crafted from solid oak with Bakelite handles. Very few of these Swinnen foosball tables remain in complete condition like this one.

Hauteur: 90 cm
Largeur: 145 cm
Profondeur : 90 cm

Poids: 176.4 lbs

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